Fresh Fruit and Vegetables


Agricultural sector is an economically strategic one in Turkey in that it generates net foreign currency inflow though export and provides employment opportunities in related sectors such as producing, packaging and logistics. The fresh fruits and vegetables (ffv) sector is one of the most significant sub-sectors in agriculture.

One of the rarest countries where fresh fruits and vegetables of good quality can be grown in good conditions thanks to its fertile and broad agricultural lands and geographical regions with different climatic characteristics, Turkey is a significant actor in global ffv production and trade, and has annually approximately 4,7 million tons and 3,5 billion dollars export. The main product groups of the sector are fresh citrus, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables.

Benefitting from the good climatic and ecological conditions of Mediterranean climate which enhances the potential of the production of citrus fruit cultivation Turkey annually exports one third of its citrus production, which makes it rank the fourth place in the world citrus export (2022, trademap).  

Turkish fresh citrus products which have started their journey from a place as close to you as your backyard are ready to arrive in your country with a unique flavor, full of health as natural and fresh as when first picked. Turkish fresh citrus destined to meet its consumer has to pass quality tests in the food laboratories and available in the markets from the beginning of September to the end of May.  

Mediterranean Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Exporters' Association (MEA) which has been providing its member exporters with quality service for many years is the Coordinator Association in Turkish fresh fruits and vegetables sector. Realizing 70% of Turkey's citrus export and more than half of Turkish ffv export MEA has over a thousand member exporters in Turkey.

Exporting to more than 160 countries, Turkey's main markets are respectively Russian Federation, Germany, Romania, Iraq, Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria and Netherlands. The sector has started diversifying its export destinations and has given efforts to add Far East countries to export destinations.

Consisting of The Management Board Members of 6 Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Exporters Association in Turkey, The Sectoral Board is established in order to determine and develop the sectoral policies, to determine the export, packaging and quality standards in accordance with the international norms, and to enable the harmonization and coordination among the Associations.  In the light of these aims, Sectoral Board conducts common activities in the interest of the sector.

The presidency and secretariat of the Sectoral Board, the decisions of which are binding for Exporters' Associations in the sector, is run by Mediterranean Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Exporters Association.